David Cameron
David Cameron

Dear Mr. Cameron,

I am an avid letter writer, as I understand you are too. I am writing to you because I have read that you seem to be having trouble understanding how government cuts work. It’s all very simple you see, when you, I don’t know, random example: cut funding to local councils, this has a direct knock-on effect on local frontline services. Perhaps when you thought “A hundred million pounds or so over two years, that’s not really a lot” you were under the assumption all councils had a costly champagne budget.

Look, I get it, I see what you were thinking at the time. Your impression was/is that this nation’s deficit is the direct result of wasteful government spending, and to a degree, I agree with you; how much we pay MPs and Ministers for example… wait… bad example.

Fortunately I understand a particular friend of yours in Oxfordshire has finally managed to get through to you (in the way that only people that help you get elected can), about just how far you can go with local government cuts before there’s nothing semi-superficial left to cut and you start impacting on frontline services.

Having learned this new information from your friend, I can imagine you might be feeling quite upset and that you probably still don’t understand why these frontline services are being hit so hard… A feeling junior doctors can relate to.

There is hope however! I know you’ve been very attached over the years to your close personal creative account, George Osborne, but it might be time to let him go, which would incidentally be a good positive public cut. And I’ll leave you with just one more suggestion for trying to cut the deficit, it might seem simple, possibly even a little dreamy eyed of me to suggest this, but:


I know, ridiculous right, the very idea that richest in this country should actually pay their fair share to help contribute to our society.

There are many more suggestions I would throw your way, but having recently learned from a letter of yours that you clearly don’t understand what your cuts are actually doing I wouldn’t want to overburden you with concepts that might take awhile to sink in.

Yours in eternal opposition,

Joseph Wheatley, November 2015

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